NMC OSCE Pass Rates 2021 – Quarter Analysis 75% Success or 25% Failure


NMC OSCE Pass Rates 2021 – Quarter Analysis 75% Success or 25% Failure

This is NMC OSCE Pass Rates of 2021, July to September Quarter Analysis shows 75% Success or 25% Failure of OSCE total sittings.

During this period, there was a total of 6731 OSCE sittings including resits and merely 75% managed to pass.

There are certain factors that influence an OSCE applicant’s success rate. The most important factor is test preparation with access to a good quality training programme. Moreover, the vast majority of applicants are not supported comprehensively for OSCE and even the level of support and quality of test preparation can vary greatly.

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The below table represents the total number of OSCEs delivered including resits between July and September 2021.

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NMC OSCE Pass Rates

To summarise the passing percentage by OSCE centres among the three OSCE centres. Oxford University has a lower pass percentage, and whereas more candidates have appeared in the Oxford University compared to the Northampton and Ulster Universities. Northampton University has a steady percentage passing rate similar to Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

Only after December 2021, the New OSCE (10 Stations Test) pass rates will be published.

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Between August and September, less than 20 applicants sat the new OSCE. This is due to the fact that most applicants currently taking the OSCE are still eligible to continue with the legacy OSCE 2014 during the transition period.

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