Important Update for OSCE Candidates -Changes in Document Verification Process


Important Update for OSCE Candidates -Changes in Document Verification Process

Are you preparing for your Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) through the
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)? If so, there’s an essential update you need to be
aware of regarding the document verification process. As of November 13th, the NMC has
made significant changes to how candidates must confirm their identity and verify their
documents. This post will guide you through these changes, ensuring you’re fully prepared
for your exam day

Understanding the New OSCE Document Verification Process
1.End of Document Posting Facility

Previously, the NMC offered a document posting scheme to verify documents for those
unable to complete verification at the exam center. This facility, popular during COVID-19, is
no longer available from November 13th. The face-to-face resubmission option has been
reinstated, impacting how you prepare for your OSCE.

2.Mandatory In-Person Verification

All candidates must now verify their ID and original documents in person at the test center
on the day of their exam. This requirement applies to all test centers, including Leeds,
Northampton, Northumbria, Oxford, and Ulster.

3.Procedure Based on Application Submission Status

The process differs depending on your NMC application status:

  • If Application and Fee Submitted: Your ID check and document verification will occur on your first exam attempt, with documents returned the same day.
  • If Application Not Submitted or Missing Documents: You can still sit for the OSCE, but you’ll need to arrange a separate in-person appointment at a test center for ID check after submitting your application.
How This Affects You

As a candidate, it’s crucial to ensure all your documents and information are correctly
updated and submitted in the NMC portal before attending your exam. Failure to comply will
necessitate additional travel and appointments, adding stress and inconvenience to your
exam experience.

Completing NMC Verification on Exam Day

To streamline the process:

  • Submit Your Application in Advance: Contact your Mentor Merlin consultant for guidance on completing this step.
  • Carry All Required Documents: Verify the list of necessary documents with Mentor Merlin’s NMC documentation support team before your exam.
Need Assistance?

If you’re unsure about your Mentor Merlin consultant, check for communication from:

For new enquiries or admissions, utilize the live chat on


The recent changes to the OSCE document verification process are significant for all NMC
candidates. Preparing in advance and understanding these new requirements will ensure a
smoother, more stress-free experience as you approach your exam day. Stay updated, stay
prepared, and good luck with your OSCE!

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