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Pass Rates of NMC OSCE & CBT – 2022

This is the NMC OSCE and CBT Pass Rates of 2022,  …

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NMC CBT Calculator

Are you allowed to take a calculator to the UK NMC CBT?

UK NMC launched a new version of the Test of Competence …

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NMC Latest Updates ToC 21

NMC Latest updates in CBT and OSCE

NMC latest update is changing the CBT and OSCE format. NMC …

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NMC CBT Booking Attention

There are some minor changes to the NMC CBT booking process …

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NMC cbt and osce exam

Fee Changes in the NMC CBT and OSCE Exam – UK NMC Latest Update

Check out the NMC OSCE Capability Checker …

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UK NMC Accepted English language tests

Changes to NMC’s English language requirementsNMC has introduced changes to English …

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