NMC OSCE 7-Day Training £699.79

NMC OSCE 7-Day Training £699.79

This NMC OSCE 7-Day Training consists of 3-Day Online Training, 1- Day Online Revision Session, and followed by 3-Day Onsite Training with OSCE Mock Exam on the final day. Everything you need to crack OSCE!

7 Day Training Contains
Day 1 OnlineAPIE Stations and Generic Stations (only for 10 stations Test Preparation)
Day 2 Online Clinical Skills Station
Day 3 Online Clinical Skills Stations
Day 4 Online Revision Session
Day 5On-site APIE and Clinical Skills Stations
Day 6 On-site Clinical Skills Stations
Day 7 On-site OSCE Mock Exam with Review

This complete NMC OSCE 7-Day Training has everything you need to crack OSCE in the first attempt itself.

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All Online sessions including the Revision Session are scheduled for a minimum of 5 hours per day. Onsite Training will be conducted in any of the Merlin Centres Northampton and London UK. The online training including revision sessions is worth £199.79 and whereas On-site Training is worth £500.00.

6 Stations Test Preparation

The legacy OSCE is made up of six stations:

  • Four stations are based around a scenario: the APIE (one station for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation).
  • Two stations test practical clinical skills from 13 Stations preparation includes June 14th updated 3 New Skills Stations.

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10 Stations Test Preparation

The New OSCE Test is made up of 10 stations.

  • Four of the stations are scenario-based and relate to four stages of the care process – APIE Stations (4)
  • Four of the remaining stations are skills stations, testing practical Clinical Skills from (16) Skills Stations preparation
  • In each New OSCE, there are two other generic stations. Professional Values and Evidence-based Practice – Professional Values Stations (1), Evidence-based Practice Stations (1)

OSCE training is provided by the UK registered Nurses following the successful and renowned Mentor Merlin UK standard OSCE materials.

This combined online and on-site training ensures you crack OSCE Test at the very first attempt.

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