New Scenarios And Skills Added To NMC OSCE


New Scenarios And Skills Added To NMC OSCE

Updated OSCE–All The Three Test Centres (Northampton, Oxford & Ulster)

NMC OSCE with New Scenarios and Skills

The latest Part 2 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) has had several changes as part of the ongoing competency test: Thus the new scenarios and skills will attach on Monday, June 14th, 2021.

From June 14th in all four research centres, it will add the following new materials to the existing tests:

Three scenarios:

  • Adult nursing scenario (APIE): Fall and fracture
  • Children’s nursing scenario (APIE): Post-tonsillectomy bleed
  • Midwifery scenario (APIE): Post-natal visit

Three skill stations:

  • Firstly, Fine bore nasogastric tube insertion: Adult nursing skill station,
  • Secondly, Visual infusion phlebitis (VIP) assessment and intravenous cannula flush: Adult nursing skill station
  • And lastly, Pressure ulcer assessment: Adult nursing skill station
We are pleased to let you know that Mentor Merlin revises the test supporting materials regularly. And hence has the new scenarios and skills.
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Timings for new skills stations starting from 14th June are:
  • Insertion of fine-bore nasogastric tube—8 mins
  • Intravenous flush and VIP assessment—8 mins
  • Pressure area assessment–8 mins

Adult skills and scenarios for children, adults, and midwives, which are due on June 14, 2021 for the present Test of Competence, please note:

  1. They will give the Candidate 8 minutes to complete each of the new stations.
  2. There is no change to the timings or marking criteria for the Children, Adult and Midwifery scenarios (APIE).
  3. The pressure area assessment skill is a written station.

Please keep in mind that these are new OSCE stations for the existing Test of Competence. Which is not the new Test of Competence that will be available on August 2021.

Some applicants will be allowed for taking the current OSCE, until the latest test has gone live for a limited time. So they do this as a refresher for general test maintenance purposes.

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