How to request for testing accommodations/special arrangements for OET on Paper?


How to request for testing accommodations/special arrangements for OET on Paper?

OET understands the personal and medical issues that can affect the way you perform in the OET exams. The aim of these approaches is to remove any disadvantage that might arise from your current situation. Qualified candidates may request for testing accommodations/special arrangements for OET on Paper. Before the day that reservations for your preferred OET Test date close.

It is important that you request special arrangements to get this consideration if you have a health condition or differently abled person, that might negatively affect your performance during the exam. This will ensure that the exam center provides you with the necessary facilities. Remember, the goal of these special arrangements is to give all candidates a fair and equal exam experience.

If you are an eligible candidate for requesting special arrangements for OET on paper, you can apply for it up to the day bookings close for your selected OET test date.

If you wish to request a special arrangement, the OET examiners will ask you for the full details of the support and arrangement you need. You will need to explain the reason for your request and provide supporting medical certification.

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OET on Paper:

You can request special arrangements during the test booking process:

Open your myOET and log in with your login details then you will be redirected to the booking page and fill the essential details and when you come to the venue details,

  • “Select a Venue,” select the box next to either “Medical” or “Other.”

(After selecting a testing venue, you will have the opportunity to request Special Arrangements during the booking process.)Write a description of your medical condition or personal issue, as well as the special arrangement you need.

  • Select the reason for your Special Arrangements request.

Provide a detailed description of your request. OET advises that medical practitioners provide the required information in the documents you provide (e.g., a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner or qualified treating professional). Special Arrangements/Testing Accommodations will not be approved if you do not specifically document your medical condition, or if the requested special arrangements are not reasonable.

  • Upload supporting documentation in the system with your request. 

Upload supporting documentation in the system with your request. If OET requires more information, they will contact you directly via email.

You can also request a special arrangement by submitting a form. You can download the form from the OET website itself (

Please note:
  • If you use the form, you will need to resubmit your request each time you book or reschedule your OET test.
  • If you fail to submit your verification and other supporting documents (medical illness certificate) within the cut-off time, OET may not be able to fulfill your requirements.
  • Failure to adhere to these rules may affect your ability to receive a Special Arrangement/Testing Accommodation on your scheduled OET test day.

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