OSCE booking slots are nearing to finish for 2021


OSCE booking slots are nearing to finish for 2021

The number of OSCE booking slots for 2021 is rapidly decreasing. Following the reopening of NMC OSCE during the epidemic and the implementation of NEW 10 stations. Getting a OSCE test date sooner is quite tough. All three big centres are virtually completely booked for November, with only a few dates remaining before the Christmas holidays.

OSCE Booking Slots

“Northampton has sold out more than 90% of its upcoming test schedules and other test centres are also on the line of closed mark”

As of today (12/10/21), there are only limited OSCE booking slots available at Northampton and they are as follows: 

osce booking slot

To find the available dates for the University of  Ulster click here and for University of Oxford contact now

You can register for the OSCE stage of the Overseas registration process once you have received confirmation from the NMC that you are eligibile to sit the Test of Competence.

The NMC will confirm with the test centres about your eligibility to take the OSCE.

Test centres are only able to book tests for candidates that have received either a decision letter or Test of Competence Invitation Letter from NMC.

In normal scenario dates are available 5 days a week in Oxford and Ulster and 7 days a week in Northampton and Swindon throughout the year and can be booked using their secure examination booking system.
Please note: Test dates are closed 14 days in advance to allow sufficient time for candidates to prepare.
Candidates who are resitting should allow ten days between original test date and re-sit to allow for additional preparation and action on feedback.

How are your OSCE preparations going on? Is it enough to help you achieve success in the first attempt itself? 

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