NMC CBT Pass Rates – 2021


NMC CBT Pass Rates – 2021

Let’s look at the NMC CBT Pass Rates between July and September of 2021 which has the number of people who have taken CBT and their pass rates.

Pass rates and number of candidates – CBT

The test of competence Part 1 – CBT is run by partners Pearson VUE. Candidates can attend one of a number of test centres to take the test.

This information is updated four times per year.

Between July and September 2021, a total of 6198 applicants took the legacy CBT and 96 percent achieved a pass. This represents the total number of CBTs delivered including resits.

July – September 2021: NMC CBT pass rates

 July 2021August 2021September 2021Quarter total
CBT sittings606684486198
Pass rate97%93%83%96%

The information below shows the number of people who have taken each part of the test and their pass rates.

 August 2021September 2021Quarter total
Part A: Numeracy
CBT Sittings150825824090
Pass rate92%89%90%
Part B: Clinical
CBT Sittings148425804064
Pass rate89%88%88%
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