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Part A : Numeracy
Most Important Tips - MIT Type of Questions & Solutions 1. Identifying Syringe Volume 2. Identifying Medicine Cup Volume 3. Direct Unit Conversion, 4. Number of tablets/capsules - Image vs prescription (2 step calculation) 5. Volume calculation - Image vs prescription (2 step calculation) 6. Dose Vs Bodyweight Vs Image (3 step calculation) 7. Rate of infusion calculation 8. Fluid Balance Calculation

Part B : Clinical
Question Bank - MCQs with Answer and Rationale Based on Frequently asked topics and Future nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses by NMC

Mock Test with Review 115 Questions, 180 Minutes

UK NMC ToC 21 CBT Free Mock Test Preview

NMC ToC 21 CBT Mock Test Preview (Free)

115 Questions For Your Initial Practice.

Mentor Merlin’s ToC 21 CBT Free Mock Test is designed to set out and introduce specifications required for the Test of Competence 21 NMC CBT.

From August 2021, all nurses who are trained outside the European Economic Area (EEA) need to complete this new CBT before being admitted to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC UK) register. Yes, this new Test of Competence ( ToC ) is used to assess the skills and knowledge of Nurses wanting to join the UK NMC register from overseas or re-join the register after a long period away from practice.

This new pattern of CBT has led to apprehension of clearing CBT. In response, the ultimate solution is developed by Mentor Merlin in the form of advanced NMC ToC 21 CBT Crack Course which consists of relevant materials, questions and answers.

The structure of the new CBT is split into two parts. Part A will cover numeracy and Part B will cover clinical questions for Adult Nursing. The ToC 21 CBT Free Mock Test and the Crack Course are precisely developed following the relevant topics allocation chart. Now, find your New CBT primary knowledge using the New CBT Mock Test.

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