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About This Course

Welcome to our meticulously crafted OET Comprehensive Fresher Crash Course, designed to empower you with essential skills and strategies to excel in the Occupational English Test (OET). This comprehensive course is structured into three phases with 14 modules for all subtests, each tailored to specific proficiency levels and subtests, ensuring a guided and effective learning experience.

Phase 1: Foundation (For Beginners) -13 Sessions 

Session 1: Brief Introduction Tutorial

  • Overview of the course and its objectives.

Sessions 2-6: Dedicated Subtest Understanding Sessions (4 subtests)

  • In-depth understanding of each subtest, focusing on strategies and techniques.

Sessions 7-12: Dashboard Sessions 1 – 5, Covering All Subtests

  • In these sessions, you will cover step-by-step ideas with feedback and refinement for both Writing and Speaking modules:


  • Understanding writing task types
  • Crafting effective introduction paragraphs
  • Mastering body paragraph construction
  • Nailing the conclusion paragraph
  • Integration and practice


  • Introduction to the speaking module
  • Understanding the role of the patient and the nurse
  • Focus on communication and language in speaking
  • Role play practice: patient & nurse interaction

Session 13: Mock Test with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

Phase 2: Building Proficiency- 7 Sessions

Session 1: Brief Introduction to All 4 Subtests

  • An overview of the four subtests to set the stage for focused learning.

Sessions 2-6: Dashboard Sessions 6 – 10, with Assignments Covering All 4 Subtests

  • Personalized feedback sessions with assignments to reinforce skills in each subtest.

Session 7: Mock Test with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

Phase 3: Refinement and Excellence- 5 Sessions

Sessions1-4: Dashboard Sessions 11-14, with Assignments Covering All 4 Subtests

  • Fine-tuning skills through targeted practice and assignments.

Session 5: Final Mock Test Covering All Modules with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

Key Features:

  • Flexibility in scheduling classes with your tutor
  • Receive individualized feedback to optimize your performance.
  • Tailored guidance to align with your learning pace and requirements.
  • Video classes conducted via Google Meet or Zoom


Learning Objectives

Follow and understand a range of health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures.
Read and understand different types of text on health-related subjects.
Write a letter in a clear and accurate way that is relevant to the reader.
Effectively communicate in a real-life context.


  • It is recommended that you complete the one-week mandatory grammar sessions along with the OET tasks.


69 Lessons


Session 235:21
Session 316:03
Session 420:34
Session 5

OET Listening

OET Reading

OET Speaking

OET Writing

Mock Test 1

Mock Test 2

Final Mock Test

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It was a great experience to be a part of Mentor Merlin along with my tutor, Ms. Shahana. She nicely cleared all my doubts and put the effort into me. And made me able to clear my paper on the first attempt. Very grateful to her and almighty.

Warm regards,
Dr. Babaldeep Kaur

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