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About This Course

This is OSCE Full Course Training Programme combined with Online and On-site training. The candidate will have an account to access and prepare initially with the OSCE crack course materials including pre-recorded videos before starting online training with OSCE Expertise Mentor.

• Preparation – Upto 3 months – Everyday live tutor sessions (New batches every week)
• Practice – 05-Days Onsite practice with Mock Exam (Merlin Centre near Oxford, Northampton).

Merlin Features until you clear your OSCE:-

  • Merlin Book of OSCE – Full access
  • Roleplay videos
  • Everyday live class with OSCE expert mentors
  • Online OSCE Tutor Assistance (live)
  • Access to the crack course materials.
  • Access to OSCE Premium Discussion Group.
  • Both online and on-site OSCE Coordinators will arrange and guide you through on scheduling of your training and preparation.

Download your training Schedule from here – For more details, consult with your personal mentor or chat live now

Easy Learning Materials 

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Roleplay Videos

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Online Training

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Live Classes  +

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On-site Training

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This complete OSCE training has Everything you need to crack OSCE.

All Online sessions including the Revision Session is scheduled to minimum of 5 hours per day. Onsite Training will be conducted in any of the Merlin Centres Northampton and London UK. 

6 Stations Test Preparation
The legacy OSCE is made up of six stations:

• Four stations are based around a scenario: the APIE (one station for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation).

• Two stations test practical clinical skills from 13 Stations preparation includes June 14th updated 3 New Skills Stations.

10 Stations Test Preparation
The New OSCE Test is made up of 10 stations.

• Four of the stations are scenario-based and relate to four stages of the care process – APIE Stations (4)

• Four of the remaining stations are skills stations, testing practical Clinical Skills from (16) Skills Stations preparation

• In each New OSCE, there are two other generic stations, Professional Values and Evidence-based Practice – Professional Values Stations (1), Evidence-based Practice Stations (1)

OSCE training is provided by  expert mentors from various parts of the UK following the successful and renowned Mentor Merlin UK standard OSCE materials.This combined online and on-site training ensures you crack OSCE Test at the very first attempt.



26 Lessons

OSCE Preparation 2.0

Day 1
Day 2
Day 300:00
Day 4
Day 500:00
Day 6
Day 700:00
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

10 Stations OSCE Materials

10 Stations videos at a glance

Pre Recorded Live Class

Student Feedback

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Reviews (89)

I recommend Mentor Merlin Training centre to all overseers and non-European Trained Nursing Professionals for smooth UK registration. It's easy, smooth, and organized. You would love it.

I omit 😂😂😂 to thank everyone. Sorry, I used some implementation words... First of all, starting on the second day, Riya knew that we needed to improve, so she immediately advised against sleeping for longer than four hours, and on the final day, motivational lectures from Cr Sir made it sound as though we could raise up the Titanic. Riya may have given special instructions to those assessors not to make fun of the students. Then, thanks to Ashley, I can't remember her name, Nikki, etc., Mentor Merlin's tireless efforts are greatly appreciated. When I first arrived, I knew nothing, but the following day I learned everything. Following my batch are such wonderful coworkers and nice pupils. Thanks to all.

I would like to share my happiness with the Mentor Merlin team for all their support with everything during my NMC registration to CBT and OSCE preparation. Sincerely, I had never seen such a Team like Mentor Merlin all through my life. Everyone is amazing Emma, Arpita mam, Joshin mam, Janet mam, Riya mam and CR sir. Thank you all so much, I wouldn’t have made it without your proper guidance. Mentor Merlin is the best I would recommend everyone. Thank you, God bless you.

Mentor Merlin helped me to crack the OSCE. Their training is marvelous. All trainers are well-talented and updated with the OSCE syllabus. They provide both online and face-to-face training which helped me a lot.

I passed my CBT on the first attempt and OSCE on the second attempt. Thanks to Mentor Merlin for their support and excellent training. The study material was very good and also onsite training is excellent, I would highly recommend them.

By God’s Grace, I have successfully cleared OSCE, thank you Mentor Merlin team for all the support and guidance. I really appreciate the effort of the Mentor Merlin team, especially Riya, CR, Hrithika, and Harris...

When I decided to do OSCE, the best decision I took was to join Mentor Merlin. It is really hard to achieve OSCE in a short time period, but the faculties of Mentor Merlin really helped to get it. They give individual attention to their students, find out their weakness, and helps to work on them. They go through each and every minute point, that helped in passing OSCE. Also, we get Mock tests before the exam, which helps to get familiar with the exam situation. nnAnd mostly the overall service is quite appreciated one. Even if the students are coming from different places, they will guide us with the accommodation, and exam booking and helps in every way they can to make the students more comfortable and stress-free.nnThanks, Mentor Merlin for all your service

I am really grateful for all the input and hard work the Mentor Merlin team added to my success story. I am really thankful for your support throughout my OSCE journey. Thanks once again, to the whole team.

Thank you Mentor Merlin and their entire team because of you only, I passed my exam. Within a short duration, you fulfilled my dream🙏☺ once again thank you all, especially Riya mam and CR sir. Thank you all for your support.

Excellent coaching and support team. Once again thanks to all.

"Thank you so much, Mentor Merlin and team for your continuous support and guidance throughout my OSCE journey. I would highly recommend this platform to all overseas nurses who want to get their nursing pin in the UK. All your materials including face-to-face training, online portal, and virtual training were so helpful for OSCE preparation. I passed my OSCE on the first attempt and it was not possible without your help and support. I will be always grateful for that. Thank you, Mentor Merlin and team 🙏
If you want to pass your OSCE, go and grab the Mentor Merlin package"

I passed my OSCE and it’s not possible without you Mentor Merlin. Thank you so much.

Thankyou Mentor Merlin team for their immense support and guidance🥰🥰

I am writing this testimonial with immense gratitude and joy to express my deepest appreciation for the incredible support and guidance I received from the esteemed Mentor Merlin team. Thanks to your unwavering dedication, expertise, and personalized approach, I successfully passed my OSCE. I wholeheartedly recommend Mentor Merlin to anyone preparing to write the OSCE and pass in one sitting.

Mentor Merlin is the best OSCE training centre, I started learning OSCE with them in March and they assisted me to secure a test date in May, and by God's grace, I passed my OSCE on my first attempt. They've got good and humble teachers and coordinators who assisted me throughout my journey. I highly recommend Mentor Merlin to everyone because they've got a higher success rate. I would choose Mentor Merlin over and over again. Thank you, Mentor Merlin.

I passed my OSCE with the help of Mentor Merlin. I would highly recommend them to those who want to pass OSCE. All the materials they provide for the study are great. The staff is really good, they provide help onsite and online all the time.

I joined the Mentor Merlin to prepare for my OSCE exam which was the best decision of my life. I passed my OSCE on the first attempt with the help of all amazing mentors, they teach in-depth, we can ask any doubts at any time and they provide valuable materials. I really liked the on-site classes where we can practice each and every station. I would like to thank Mentor Merlin and especially Riya and CR for helping me to achieve my dream.

I cannot thank the Mentor Merlin team enough for all the support I received to pass my OSCE test on the first attempt. I received support from start to finish even finding accommodation without any hassle. Special thanks to Riya who is so dedicated and enabled to succeed. All the materials I received were more than enough to prepare for less than 2 months to pass my exam. Mentor Merlin is simply amazing. Thank you all team members at Mentor Merlin for your sincere support to candidates to achieve passing grades.

I want to say a very big thank you to Mentor Merlin and the team, the training was really great and I am glad I passed my OSCE on the first attempt, I strongly recommend MENTOR MERLIN.

Thank you Mentor Merlin for all your good training, encouragement, and support during my OSCE journey. Thank you again for achieving my dream. Especially Thank you to Ria and CR and the whole team❤❤❤

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